Marilandica, Contribution for the exhibition "Ijsselbiënnale 2017", Deventer

Atelier Veldwerk, Rudy J. Luijters en Onno Dirker
Curator: Stichting IJsselbiënnale

In the IJsselbiennale artists show their vision on climate change in the landscape of the IJssel, said to be the most beautiful of Dutch rivers.

Rudy Luijters en Onno Dirker focused on the oldest Canadian poplar tree of the country (Populus Canadensis ‘Marilandica’), for which they drew the zone of the crowns projection. Next to that, a young tree, – a clone of the old poplar – is planted just outside the circle in which the two hundred years old lady  is supposed to fall down within only a few decades. The artists show throughout these poetical and discrete interventions a permanent reflexion on the cycle of growth, bloom, derelict and new growth. It seems like the site becomes a ritual place that invites the visitor to experience and question the landscape in it’s continous dynamics.

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website IJsselbiënnale (in Dutch)