Rudy J. Luijters (The Hague, 1955) is a Belgium based Dutch artist. Starting from precise cultural, historical and natural observations and registrations, Luijters conceives consistent proposals or conceptions. These conceptions are associative in a phenomenological sense. In his different projects, whether it is Kaliningrad, Brussels or the Belgian coast, his aim is to conciliate the landscape and its user in the large sense by showing the different layers or logics of a cultural and historical landscape or context. This process can result in very different ways. Growing vegetables in a museum garden is just as well part of Luijters’ cultural practice as being a beekeeper or writing on cultural issues.

Atelier Veldwerk

Rudy J. Luijters and Onno Dirker have been working as Atelier Veldwerk since 2003 on projects that relate to the design of public space in its broadest sense. Listing, analysing and illustrating reality in a new context is the keynote in their collective work; they may then make interventions but cultural analysis can also be an objective in itself. Whatever the case, art is always the frame of reference. Their method is that of ‘the unfocused gaze’, that is, doing research from a cultural perspective without establishing criteria or guidelines beforehand.